Farhad Mahdavi
Trance Music Producer


An endless passion for music, for Awake.
for discovery, for people, for life.

Trance without emotion? According to Farhad Mahdavi, they are one and the same.
Hailing from Iran, Mahdavi’s production efforts revolve around giving his listeners the opportunity to feel alive. He believes that music comes from nature, and like the roar of a mighty jungle cat, it should resonate deep within one’s soul.
Born in 1993, Mahdavi’s musical journey began during childhood when he found a toy keyboard. It was an instant fascination that evolved into a passion for music and nature. And it inspired a dream to make a difference in the world.
His new and inspired life started when he grasped the passion embedded in trance. He found himself inspired by its uplifting qualities and felt liberated to experiment. Propelled by a desire to create his own style, he fused elements of classical and orchestral music into his work.

While most trance is imbued with positive energy, what makes Farhad’s work special is its capacity to make listeners feel something real. Believing in the magic of traditional instruments, Farhad endeavors to help his listeners find the romance within themselves.
But music is not his only passion. Farhad also works as a film composer, and his second genre is orchestral music. As such, he has produced music for many films and TV series, bringing life to moving imagery.
Still, music is Farhad’s first love. As an artist, he strives to always consider himself an amateur, thereby maintaining the perpetual motivation to soar above the bounds of limitation.
His remix for Matt Chowski’s One Wish played 2 times by Aly & fila also his “Peaceland” played 3 times by them. His track “Warsaw played 2 times by Armin Van Buuren and voted as Future Favorite.
In 2016 he released a collaboration with one of the legends of Trance history Paul van Dyk with a vocal by Sue McLaren.



TRANCE Music never die. It grows
stronger every day.

فرهاد مهدوی آهنگساز ایرانی موزیک ترنس فعالیت خود را از سال 2009 آغاز کرد
آهنگهای او بارها مورد حمایت آرمین فن بیورن بزرگترین دیجی جهان قرار گرفته است
در سال 2016 او با پاول فن دایک که یکی از بزرگان تاریخ موزیک الکترونیک است همکاری و با او آهنگی  رسمی منتشر کرد